Types of car wash

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They exist to clean your car and leave it looking like it just left the dealership

Your car says a lot about you. And not only because of the color, the fuel or the type of insurance it carries, but also because of its appearance, care and exterior cleanliness. Therefore, in addition to daily maintenance at a technical level to extend its useful life, washing the vehicle is also important.

If you want your car to look like new, there are different types of washing, from which you can choose according to the cleaning needs of the car and the time you have to carry it out. To help you decide, below we are going to focus on four specific types of washes that you can do to leave your car sparkling.

Washing tunnel

The option of the car wash for cleaning the exterior of your car is undoubtedly the most comfortable, economical and fastest, and therefore the most common for car owners. You simply have to take your car to a service station that has a car wash or a car wash, and in a matter of five minutes and about 5 euros, your car will be clean. Therefore, it is a good choice when you have a dirty car and you do not have much time to clean it.

However, the car wash may not be the most effective car wash option. Taking the car through a car wash will leave most of the vehicle gleaming, but many details of your car, such as the underbody, will not be thoroughly cleaned. In addition, if you abuse this type of washing, the rollers may leave marks on the paint of your car.

Pressurized water hose

Another method of cleaning your car is washing with high pressure hoses. It has all the advantages of a car wash, and also does not damage the paint of the vehicle if you keep a safe distance from it. You will only have to have a little more time to wash your car, and go to a service station or a washing center where they have pressure hoses.

In addition, if you have a pressurized water hose such as the well-known Kaercher, you can clean the car yourself outside your home without having to go to a specialized center.

Although this type of washing has more advantages than disadvantages, one of the cons is that to clean the embedded dirt from any area of ​​the car, you will need to help yourself with a sponge of soap and water before cleaning with pressure water.

Hand wash

For those who have more time and want to clean their car focusing on the small details, hand washing is the most effective option, with which you can leave your car sparkling. To carry it out you will need water, a pressure hose, soap or shampoo, a microfiber mitt, a cloth for drying. In addition, hand washing will have to be done in an area authorized for it, as it is not allowed to be done on the street and the police could fine you.

Although hand washing is a deeper cleaning than the previous ones and, therefore, leaves your car shinier, you will need to have more time to do it correctly, as well as a great effort on your part. However, you can always take your car to a cleaning center for a professional hand wash, although it will be more expensive.


Ecological washing, also called dry cleaning, is the least common type of car wash, but if you are one of those who tries to respect the environment as much as possible with your vehicle, this is the best option.

To carry out this type of washing, you do not need water, but only a microfiber cloth and a special product, with which you can remove all the dirt from the outside of the vehicle. In this way, the water that is used in other types of washing is saved, also avoiding possible damage to the car’s paint.

However, ecological washing also has its drawbacks, since, as with hand washing, you will need more time and effort to do it. Also, if the exterior of your car has a lot of accumulated dirt, with this method it will be more difficult to remove it.

After knowing the four types of car wash that exist, you can now consider the pros and cons and decide on the one that best suits your possibilities and the needs of your car.

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