Maintaining your car in summer

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The hot weather prepares your car for summer in six easy steps

Summer is approaching and this means that temperatures increase significantly and therefore, we must adapt our vehicle to prevent it from suffering from the heat. It is very important to take a series of recommendations for driving in summer. Due to the weather and temperature, your vehicle is drastically affected. Next, we are going to tell you how you should prepare your vehicle for the summer both inside and outside so that you have a comfortable and smooth driving.

Check that the air conditioning works properly

In winter, as a general rule, we do not use the air conditioning, so we are not aware of whether it is working properly. It is quite common that after several summers the air conditioning of your vehicle suffers and stops working as it should. It may be that it has been damaged or simply that the load has worn out. In any of the cases, it is highly recommended to let it work 100% since if we are going to make a long trip, it will make the trip more bearable.

Check coolant and cooling systems

We must be attentive to the coolant levels of our vehicle. In case of not having the appropriate levels, we can damage our vehicle. We must check that both the radiator and the hoses work correctly. In the event of a leak, we will lose coolant and we run the risk of our engine overheating and leading to other breakdowns. For this reason, we must gradually check the levels in summer so as not to risk greater damage to our vehicle.

Use sun visor on the front window

It is very useful to put a sun visor on the front window of our vehicle when it is parked, since this will lower the temperature of the interior of our vehicle by up to 10 degrees Celsius. In addition, we will prevent the seats and the steering wheel from overheating so that, when we re-enter the interior, it will be more bearable to drive.

Check tire pressure

Checking the tire pressure is very important before a long trip since in case of lower pressure than recommended by the manufacturer, we will increase fuel consumption and we expose ourselves to the tire bursting due to the temperature. In case of carrying our vehicle with a lot of loads, we must slightly increase the pressure of these (as indicated by the manufacturer) to compensate for the load we are carrying.

Stay hydrated and make stops

When we go on a long trip, it is recommended to always have water at hand since being hydrated considerably reduces fatigue at the wheel. In addition, every 2 hours behind the wheel it is recommended to make a stop to stretch your legs and rest your mind. By following these guidelines, our trip will be easier and more bearable.

Check that the brakes work perfectly

Last but not least, it is vitally important to check that our brakes work correctly since it is dangerous to face a trip if the brakes of your vehicle are not working 100%. Check the brake pads and if you see that something is wrong, you will have to go to the nearest workshop to have them changed.

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