Maintenance of the tires of your vehicle

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Everything you need to know so that the wheels of your car do not play tricks on you

To have the tires in good condition you must take certain aspects into account. It is very important to be very careful with this piece as it is in direct contact with the road.

Characteristics that you must take into account to know the good condition of the tire

  • Wear: to check tire wear you should pay special attention to the tire patterns. They have witnesses that will help you to know more accurately the depth of these. If the witness reaches the same level as the drawing, you should proceed to change the tires. Another way and in fact the best way to know tire wear is to use a depth gauge. The legal limit of wear is 1.6 mm not only will it be dangerous to ride with a smaller measure, you will also expose yourself to a hefty fine.
  • Pressure: good tire pressure will help you save. Yes, save! The lack of pressure in the tires causes a greater consumption of fuel due to the excessive friction of the tires with the road. Also taking care of the pressure of your tires will help prevent premature wear of these. To check the pressure, it is important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions or that you go to specialists. Do not forget that this must be done at least once a month and with cold car wheels (less than 4km of circulation)
  • Alignment: in short, it consists of aligning the axles with each other and in turn the wheels of each axle. In addition, the different angles of the tires must be adjusted according to the values ​​specified by the manufacturer. For this you will need the help of professionals although you can detect if the alignment is correct yourself: run your hand through the tear band always from the inside to the outside if you notice any irregularity, it is time to go to your trusted workshop.
  • Valves: it is advisable to change them at the same time as the tires. These withstand a lot of pressure which will cause them to wear out with the use of the vehicle. A trick to know if the valve is leaking is to put a few drops of soapy water on the end of the valve if you see bubbles, it means there is a leak.

Take care of your tires

One of the main factors that wear out the wheels of your vehicle is bad pressure levels, as we mentioned before it is very important that you check regularly.

It is also an important factor in what season of the year we are. It is not the same to do tire maintenance in summer than in winter.

The way you drive has a direct influence on the condition of your tires. The change of tires will depend on your way of circulating. Braking and accelerating as well as burning the wheel is detrimental to the transmission.

The type of asphalt is also one of the aspects to take into account, if you usually drive on poorly paved roads, your tires are more likely to be affected. If you find an alternative path it will be the best option.

Be careful with the way you park, raise the wheel to the curb or strangle the rubber with the curb is one of the aspects that most affect your vehicle and also the most common. They can create cracks and even suffer cracks, in addition to slipping.

Avoid unnecessary load on your vehicle, when going through potholes both the cushioning of your car and the wheels will suffer.

The age of the tires is also essential, after between six and ten years the rubber can crystallize and lose its effectiveness. Therefore, it is important not to opt for the purchase of second-hand tires or retreaters.

In this specific case, buying cheap tires is not the best option since it is a part of the car that will provide you with greater security in external environments such as the weather or the type of asphalt.

Even if you do not opt ​​for the cheapest tires on the market, you can find tires at a good price and from recognized brands that guarantee the quality of the products they sell.

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