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7 tips to maintain your vehicle that you can do every day

Those who take care of the car and carry out its maintenance to the limit, what they are doing at the end of the day is extending the useful life of their vehicle. And, car maintenance is essential if you want it to last for many years. The better you take care of, the more kilometers you will be able to do, making the most of the outlay of buying a car.

There are certain precautions in the maintenance of your car that are obvious: revisions, spare parts and quality parts, or keep the ITV up to date. All of this is logical so we are not going to emphasize it again. However, there are a whole series of routines that you can carry out yourself that can really help you get the most out of car maintenance.

We are going to review the 10 essential steps that will ensure a few extra kilometers in your vehicle when it is a few years old. All these tips are applicable to the maintenance of a car, but also to that of a van or a derivative. So, if you have any of these vehicles, this guide is for you.

Filming the new car

Don’t you know what is car break-in? These are the first steps of the car, as they say and it is essential that you do it, if only as a precaution. These kilometers of running are key to extend the life especially of some specific parts of the car. It is a way to fit the new car and to clean its engine of any impurities.

The time of the car break-in varies depending on the vehicle, but also on the type of combustion, but we could say the first 1,500 kilometers, even the first 3,000 must be done carefully. How to do it? Do not fully accelerate with the engine cold, let the engine cool down after use, avoid short trips that do not allow you to warm up the car before turning it off, do not speed up the gears and make use of the engine retentions.

Shock absorbers for car

The shock absorbers, after all, what they do is increase driving comfort and help, substantially, to increase the safety of the vehicle, especially when it comes to high speeds. There are several factors that directly affect them, and you must be careful with them to avoid wear and tear on car shock absorbers.

If you drive on bad roads, try to avoid potholes and speed bumps at all costs, and if you have to go through them because you have no other choice, do so at a prudent speed. Also, do not load the vehicle more than it should and if you do it in a punctual way, pay special attention to the level of the wheels. In addition, we recommend that you take a look at them every so often and make revisions every 20,000 kilometers.

Car lubricants

The role of car lubricants is to reduce wear and tear on other engine parts. So, their presence is essential for car care. And now you may be wondering how often you have to change the lubricant of the car, well, this depends on the kilometers, currently you can use the same lubricant for about 30,000 kilometers.

Even if you carry out the lubricant change every 30,000 kilometers and your trustworthy workshop reviews it every time you go, we recommend that you take a look at it every 1,500 kilometers. It is a routine that does not cost you anything to follow and that can save you from unnecessary annoyance.

Air filter

The air filter, like the rest of the vehicle’s filters, is essential and must be changed every time you take the car for inspection. The purpose of this piece is to ensure that the air that passes to the engine does not have anything that could damage it. What this guarantee is that the combustion does not generate too many emissions.

If you regularly drive your car through dusty areas, for example, it is important that in addition to the periodic reviews you do in the workshop, you are able to locate the part yourself under the hood of your car and thus be able to see in what condition you find yourself without the help of an expert.

Change wiper blades

If it rains you need the wiper blades yes or yes. This basic but cheap part of the car is reason enough not to pass the ITV, for example, so you can get in trouble if you do not have them in the correct condition. The usual thing is to change them after the summer, but whenever you see that they do not sweep correctly you should do it.

Changing your wiper blades is very easy and you can buy them anywhere. Department stores, multi-brand workshops or franchises sell them regularly and at very affordable prices so, if I were you, I would not risk it.

Change car oil

We have already been talking about lubricant, but the oil filter in a car is even more important. If the lubricant contains harmful particles or components, it can cause irreparable damage to the engine. For this reason, it is important that before re-lubricating, the liquid passes correctly through the filter and thus prevents future breakdowns.

As we have already mentioned, we recommend that you have the car’s oil filter more or less located under the hood to be able to take a look at it from time to time and check that it is in good condition.

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